Meet Apollo.

Apollo is a professional camera hand grip, made with love to shooting and aesthetics.

Designed with utmost care and consideration to hand anatomy, with a goal of providing excellent handheld shooting feel and superior camera control. Its shape was carefully tweaked to allow balanced grip pressure across the hand surface, assuring optimal camera control in all directions of camera movement while minimizing hand and forearm muscle strain.

All with care to aesthetics.





African Sapele wood was chosen for its excellent durability properties and beautiful grain.

Additionally protected with special coating, the hand grip comes fully assembled with stainless steel Arri standard rosette and aluminum alloy rosette bracket, compatible with any camera or rig using standard Arri rosette mounting options.

Each hand grip is built to order and different sizes are available to assure optimal fit.




Made to complement shooter’s hand and the eye.

Harmonious duality of form and function.

Imagined and designed by a shooter. Hand crafted by an academic sculptor.


Crafted for Craftsmen.



  • Apollo 03_retina
    Apollo 01_retina
  • Apollo_08_retina
    Apollo 10_UHD_retina
    Apollo 12_retina


Craftsmen impressions:




“Cinema is art and that’s why an artist should hold a noble wood instead of a piece of metal or plastic.”
César Charlone

(City of God, The Constant Gardner, Blindness)



“The fine craftsmanship and fit and love that are contained within makes these my favorite RED accessory from an outside vendor…”

Peter Lyons Collister, ASC

(Higher Learning, Poetic Justice, Mr.Deeds)




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