Professional colour management tools for production and post

Primers are per sensor-crafted referent image transformation tools designed for utmost quality results in digital imaging

Cinematographer gets optimal image preview to see natural colours, full DR, proper contrast and texture to nail exposure
DIT gets consistent, accurate and practical tools for fast set workflow and great looking dailies
Colourist gets powerful neutral image shaping, conversion and unification tools for high quality post production

Top quality colour performance

Every camera is capable of producing superior results to in-camera presets, standard LUTs and colour space transformations.
Through immense scope of work we found the possibility and made it a reality.

Then we went from superior to utmost. 

Unified Colour Philosophy

We designed a natural, visually referent transformation colour science.
Instead of matching one camera to another (to which look and reference ?), we transform each log wide gamut imagery to a single reference. 

It took 8 years to establish and reach that reference.

Once converted to the same reference, cameras go together well. Simple. 

No need for additional processing, tools, plugins or robots. 

Image calibration

We developed the technology and workflow to “calibrate” camera imagery. 

To our Unified Colour Philosophy.

Primers take care of technical conversion of the imagery for best image performance.
You take care of the creative look on best image performance basis.

Scene independence

Sensor response-specific Primers take care of highly complex, subtle, extremely specific fixed sensor & base colour science properties to to construct the optimal base image. You take care of simple tonal balance to compensate for the light variable. 

Same conversion working across different scenes. 

Colour management: simplified, optimized

No need for IDTs, CSTs, multiple transformations and steps with multiple variables for base colour correction and camera matching.

Primers do multiple image optimisations meeting many variables in a single transformation step. 

Pick your camera. Apply Primer 3DLUT. Done. 
More time and focus left for creative part.

Same LUTs for monitoring and post

Standard log conversion lookup tables are destructive and not reliable for high quality post.

Typically, 3DLUTs can cause texture deterioration, noise enhancement, tonal deviations, clipping, loss of density, loss of detail, harsh falloffs, many inconsistencies and other complex issues which cannot be undone later in the image pipeline.

Primers are designed for top quality results. 

Same Primers for SDR and HDR

Standard LUTs do not achieve proper image normalisation and distribution, containing full dynamic range and gamut range  allowing adequate conversion from SDR to HDR. 

Primers do. 

For SDR worflow simply apply the Primer at the end. 

For HDR simply apply SDR to HDR CST after the Primer. 

Same Primer, same grade, different output. 

EST. 2016.

Crafted for Craftsmen.