Primers EQX for Panasonic GH6

Designed for GH6 sensor and V-Log, V-Gamut recording, FULL range
– Superior colour accuracy, stability, separation, harmony & consistency
– Full DR utilization with optimal DR distribution and lattitude usability
– Full gamut utilization
– Minimal noise floor
– Most stable texture
– Analogue response signal treatment for organic, natural, film-like imagery
– Visually referent colorimetry with cinematic image feel
– Superior definition and dimensionality
– Optimal image preview for monitoring and spot-on exposure
– Scene-independent
– Unified Colour Philosophy for matching with other cameras using Primers
– Designed for high-quality post-production, normalized and stabilized response
Package contains:
– 5 Primer 3DLUTs in .cube for V-Log, V-Gamut in 64^3 precision for post
– 5 Primer 3DLUTs in .cube for V-Log, Gamut in 33^3 precision for monitoring
– Primers info document
Additional info:
Latest generation: Gen9

GH6 Example 21

GH6 Example 20

GH6 Example 19

GH6 Example 18

GH6 Example 17

GH6 Example 16

GH6 Example 15

GH6 Example 14

GH6 Example 13_3

GH6 Example 13

GH6 Example 12

GH6 Example 11

GH6 Example 10

GH6 Example 09

GH6 Example 08

GH6 Example 07

GH6 Example 06

GH6 Example 05

GH6 Example 04

GH6 Example 03