Primers EQX for ARRI ALEV3

Arri 3DLUT
– Designed for ALEVIII sensor, LogC, full range
– Cameras analysed and Primers tested on: ALEXA XT, SXT, Mini, Mini LF & Amira
– Top class colour accuracy, stability, separation, harmony & consistency throughout signal range
– Full utilization of sensor dynamic range and gamut
– Minimal noise floor
– Most stable texture
– Natural response mapping for organic and fully natural imagery
– Superior highlight handling
– Visually referent colorimetry with film-like density
– Superior definition and dimensionality
– Optimal image preview for monitoring and spot-on exposure
– Scene-independent
– Unified Colour Philosophy for easier matching with other cameras using Primers
– Usable for SDR and HDR production
– Designed for high-quality post-production, normalized and stabilized response
throughout the signal range
Package contains:
– 5x 33^3 Arri Log-C .cube 3DLUT files for monitoring
– 5x 64^3 Arri Log-C .cube 3DLUT files for post production
– Primers info document
Additional info:
Latest generation: Gen9 introduced recently

Special introductory price

Primer EQX for Arri example 01

Superior max saturation handling, green accuracy, green-cyan separation, red tracking, overall balance

Primer EQX for Arri example 02

Superior high luminance tonal stability, highlight definition, saturation falloff

Primer EQX for Arri example 03

Superior skin tone tracking, skin depth and texture, shadow definition

Primer EQX for Arri example 04

Superior rolloff to clip, saturation handling and tonal stability in high luminance

Primer EQX for Arri example 05

Superior blue handling, shadow texture & noise, image push latitude, image degradation threshold

Primer EQX for Arri example 06

Superior shadow definition and texture, deep saturated blue handling

Primer EQX for Arri example 07

Superior tonal depth, tonal stability, highlight definition