Primers EQX for Sony A7S3

– Designed for A7S3 sensor, in camera procesed S-Log3 & S-Gamut3.cine, full range
– Top class colour performance
– Superior color accuracy, stability, separation, harmony & consistency throughout signal range
– Full utilization of sensor dynamic range and gamut
– Minimal noise floor
– Most stable texture
– Analogue response signal treatment for organic, natural, film-like imagery
– Superior highlight handling
– Visually referent colorimetry with cinematic image feel
– Superior definition and dimensionality
– Optimal image preview for monitoring and spot-on exposure
– Scene-independent
– Unified Colour Philosophy for matching with other cameras using Primers
– Designed for high-quality post-production, normalized and stabilized response
Package contains:
– 5x 33^3 S-Log3,S-Gamut3.cine basis .cube 3DLUT files for monitoring
– 5x 64^3 S-Log3,S-Gamut3.cine basis .cube 3DLUT files for post production
– Primers info document

Primer EQX for Sony A7S3 – Example 01

Skin tone accuracy, definition, richness & organicity, overall tonal balance, dimensionality, green accuracy

Primer EQX for Sony A7S3 – Example 02

Overexposure test, Primer 04 Punch, skin tone stability, highlight definition, tonal balance, highlight falloff

Primer EQX for Sony A7S3 – Example 03

Red volume stability, red consistency, highlight volume, shadow volume, depth, separation, high contrast handling, shadow skin tone accuracy & organicity

Primer EQX for Sony A7S3 – Example 04

Red consistency, volume, highlight stability & smoothness, falloff to whites

Primer EQX for Sony A7S3 – Example 05

1:1 crop, skin tone accuracy, skin tone palette & richness, overall tonal balance, volume, tonal harmony