Primers EQX for Canon C100 mk2

– Designed for C100mk2 sensor, cinema image profile
– Greatly improved color accuracy, stability, separation, harmony & consistency throughout signal range
– Superior highlight and gamut handling
– Minimal noise floor
– Most stable texture
– Analogue response signal treatment for organic, natural, film-like imagery
– Superior highlight handling
– Optimal image preview for monitoring and spot-on exposure
– Scene-independent
– Unified Colour Philosophy for matching with other cameras using Primers
– Designed for high-quality post-production, normalized and stabilized response
throughout the signal range
Package contains:
– 5x 64^3 Canon “cinema” mode > rec.709 cube 3DLUT files for post production
– 5x 33^3 Canon “cinema” mode > rec.709 cube 3DLUT files for on set preview
– Primers info document
Additional info:
With C100 series it is highly recommended to shoot to external recorder in a higher quality to avoid visible compression artifacts and get the most out of the camera and Primers.