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Optimize your camera.


Primers are per-sensor designed image optimization tools, usable on set and in post. Through custom-made highly particular image transformations they correct image signal offsets in high precision, achieving improved imaging results, allowing the visual Creative to focus on the creative part.

Cinematographer benefits from visual feedback of sensor-optimized signal distribution and more accurate scene light representation, affecting lighting and exposure decisions.

DIT benefits from practical tools for dailies with improved imaging performance. 

Colorist benefits from powerful per-camera designed image shaping tools for first light.


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Each digital camera has imperfections in its color response, varying from subtle do drastic, affected by each sensor’s and camera’s processing and digital signal mapping properties, imperfections which cannot be corrected through in-camera settings. This requires additional time and effort spent in primary color correction, and certain types of offsets are very difficult or practically impossible to correct in typical post.


Typical camera picture profiles are basic and very general image modes, limited with camera’s processing precision, capacity and signal chain properties, which typically lead to processing errors and additional color offsets and signal distortion. Unlike typical camera profiles, Primers offer much greater scope and precision in correcting the image signal. Their form of industry standard look-up tables (3DLUTs), applicable on monitors, recorders and in post production environments, enables harvesting the power of higher precision computing, increasing image performance and practicality of shooting and post.



Camera response optimization:

Accuracy. Consistency. Post-practicality.


Fusion of interdisciplinary experience in video engineering testing & analysis and in post production is integrated into developing custom methodology for inspection and optimization of each camera. All with a goal of reducing/removing digital-induced errors, minimizing the digital feel of the imagery, while maintaining picture neutrality. Primers are NOT typical creative “looks”, they are very delicate image optimizations targeting reference values, useful as a basis for further look creation. A specific creative look is left to the expressive intent of the Creative.

Done with care for picture accuracy and especially the feel of a digitally acquired image.




  • 1) Improved image performance > accuracy, separation, harmony, consistency
  • 2) More natural image aesthetics
  • 3) More practical shooting
  • 4) More informative on-set monitoring, perceiving the outcome through conversion to standard with sensor-optimal exposure and referent colorimetry
  • 5) Reduced unpleasant surprises in post production
  • 6) Speeding up post-production
  • 7) Reduced deterioration of footage with lower color sampling
  • 8) Maximum utilization of sensor DR (Primers EQX for 10 bit+ cameras)



Creative’s toolkit designed for set and post. 

Crafted for Craftsmen.



RED Cameras



Sony Cameras


Canon Cameras



Other Cameras




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General LUT information:

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  • https://www.convergent-design.com/knowledgebase.html?view=kb&kbartid=33
  • http://www.lightillusion.com/luts.html



1) 3DLUT implementation in various sofware

2) 3DLUT application in Premiere CC

3) 3D LUT implementation in Photoshop CS6